Implementing a policy of an integrated approach in the provision of services aimed at increasing the profitability of the business of the company's partners, Primo Color has developed and implemented special training programs in its own methodological center:


Basic colorist course.
An advanced program for active colorists of different systems.
PPG AutoLux Mixing System Overview Course.

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All training programs are adapted to the individual requirements of PRIMO COLOR partners:

business expansion;
optimization of the workflow;
improving work efficiency;
acquisition of new knowledge;

The training takes place in the company's own methodological center, which fully complies with the standards of modern educational institutions. Classes are conducted by qualified colourists.

The basic program is designed for 10 working days and has a practical focus.
The advanced course lasts 1-2 days and provides an overview of the basic technologies for using the AutoLux colour program.
The survey program, addressed to the leaders of the ICC and experienced colorists, is designed for 1 day and is aimed at installing a mixer.

PRIMO COLOR - is a reliable partner for auto repair professionals!

  • 10 working days, of which 2 theories, 7 practices, 1 final + certification
  • Main topics:
  • PPG Autolux paint system presentation
  • Car factory painting process
  • What the paint consists of – types of pigments and effective additives
  • Repair paint spraying technology
  • Safety precautions when working with paintwork materials
  • Light sources
  • Colour theory
  • Colour perception test
  • Viewing angles of effect paints
  • Colour difference options
  • Working with the Chromatic Circle
  • Grayscale and types of effective additives
  • AutoLux Colour Matching Tools
  • Working with a colour program
  • Coloring test plates
  • Practical tinting
  • Working with colour options
  • Main characteristics of pigments
  • Cars and paint codes
  • Tinting equipment recommendations
  • Final certification
  • 10 working days, of which 2 theories, 7 practices, 1 final + certification
  • Main topics: