In an effort to create optimal conditions for increasing the profitability of the company's partners' business, Primo Color has developed and implemented a comprehensive technical support system, which includes:

packages of technical documentation for paints and varnishes and equipment of the PPG concern;
component descriptions;
timely delivery of consumables;
recommendations for accounting and writing off paintwork materials;
the assistance of an expert technologist-colourist in the selection of a formula for any type of vehicle;

Profitable cooperation

Primo Color provides partners not only with standard catalogues with colour cards sorted by car brands but also specialized ones with samples of original paints classified chromatically. This makes it possible to simplify the selection of a paint recipe for completely repainted vehicles, as well as for vehicles that have been subjected to intensive use for a long time and have lost their original colour due to the impact of an aggressive environment.

The company's technologists ensure the promptness of working out the inconsistency of formulas and complex colours, guarantee an exact match of shades, conduct professional consultations based on partners, and organize training for specialists of various levels.

A strong logistics base ensures the timely delivery of out of pigments and other consumables for body repair, and a well-thought-out warehouse replenishment system eliminates interruptions in supplies.

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